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Wines Now Available

All variations of my popular nectarine peach wine --- sweet, off dry sparkling and dry.

A young Tempranillo rich with diverse fruit flavors, surprising hints of maple with light oak and smooth lingering tannins. And a 3 1/2 year old Flathead sourced cherry blend that is Totally Montanan. Made with local Flathead Lake Lambert sweet cherries, Evans tart cherries, and my own Natchez blackberries grown in Polson and 10% Petite Pearl from my vineyard on Finley Point.

I can directly ship to Montana and Minnesota customers and through vinoshipper to most other states. I hope to have a marketplace set up on this website and listed on vinoshipper soon, if you can't wait and would like some of my wine now please email me.

More wines from my vineyard will be released next year, Montana has a long way to go expanding the locally grown grape supply. The Winery Association of Montana and local vineyards and wineries are working to incentivize planting of vineyards in Montana, STAY TUNED!

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