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I'm Still Here!

My L'Acadie Blanc won Best of Show at the 2022 9th Annual MT Grape and Wine People's Choice Awards. I'm planting 40% of my vineyard to L'Acadie Blanc for making sparkling and wine. L'Acadie Blanc is one of Nova Scotia's signature grapes and is well known for it's sparkling wine industry.

First wine production of TP 2-3-51 in fall of 2022. The TP 2-3-51, an unreleased Tom Plocher red grape, is earlier ripening than all other Plocher varieties and has more flavor and tannins. I'm planting 60% of my vineyard to TP 2-3-51.

The Plocher TP 2-3-51 large grape bunch. The 51 bunches are so large it is recommended to thin to one bunch per shoot! I triple my wine production for TP 2-3-51 in 2023.

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