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I'm Still Here!

My L'Acadie Blanc won Best of Show at the 2022 9th Annual MT Grape and Wine People's Choice Awards. I'm planting 40% of my vineyard to...

2021 Harvest Best EVER!

2021 was an exceptional year for wine grapes at Flathead Lake Vineyard. Marquette, TP 2-3-51, Verona and Crimson Pearl shown above. The...

Wines Now Available

All variations of my popular nectarine peach wine --- sweet, off dry sparkling and dry. A young Tempranillo rich with diverse fruit...

2021 Best Crop Ever

Verona looking great! Flathead Lake saved my vineyard from the frost October 20,2020 which affected many vineyards across Montana.

The 2020 Miracle Fall

I started Flathead Lake Winery in 2017 in Polson, Montana. Flathead Lake Winery is a very small batch unique winery, producing under 300...

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